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Requires a 36-month monitoring contract. Early term. and installation fees apply. See below for details.

Crime in Edgefield, South Carolina

24/7 Alarm Monitoring in Edgefield

ADT uses the latest technology in home alarm monitoring equipment to ensure that when seconds count ADT is ready to react in providing the very best response. Whether it’s a Fire alarm, Burglar alarm, Carbon Monoxide, or even a medical alarm emergency, ADT monitoring station

Edgefield Homeowner Savings

With the purchase of an ADT monitored home security system there comes the added bonus of qualifying for a homeowners insurance discount from some insurance companies and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with ADT security services. ADT provides every new ADT monitored home security system subscriber with an ADT certificate of installation which they can forward to their home insurance provider and receive up to a 20% insurance discount.

Professional Installation Edgefield

ADT home security alarm systems in Edgefield are always installed by SafeStreets factory-certified technicians. Every one of our technicians who install adt security systems is background checked and drug tested and clients can count on everything from home automation to ADT wireless automated technology working perfectly.

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  • ADT 24/7 Monitoring Service
  • Trusted by more than 8 Million American Homeowners
  • Advance technology & quick response
  • 4 US-based monitoring centers
  • 145 years of experience & innovation

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ADT Monitoring packages from SafeStreets can include:

  • 6-Month ADT Money-Back Guarantee*
  • Quality Service Plan*
  • Theft Protection Guarantee*

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Some must-know Home Security Facts

  • A burglary occurs every 10. seconds.
  • Most burglaries occur during the day.
  • 58% of burglaries involve forced entry.
  • 70% of break-ins involve entry through a door.

Source: FBI Crime Reports

Edgefield, South Carolina

Choosing the right city for your new home is important. Not only do you want to make sure you’re settling in a safe and healthy community, but you’ll also want to make sure you’re making the best financial decision. Here are some tips to help you figure out which city is best for you.

Edgefield, South Carolina Cost of living

Whether you are considering moving to Edgefield, South Carolina or are just considering the cost of living there, there are many factors to consider. A few of these factors include the cost of living, cost of education, cost of transportation, cost of healthcare, cost of food and utilities. These factors can all help you determine whether Edgefield, South Carolina is a place you want to live. Using a cost of living calculator can help you figure out how much you can afford to live in Edgefield.

The cost of living in Edgefield, South Carolina is relatively low. In fact, it is one of the least expensive cities in the US. According to the Economic Policy Institute, the annual cost of living for a single person in South Carolina is $2,332 per month. This is a 10% lower cost than the national average.

The total cost of living in Edgefield, South Carolina includes the cost of food, utilities, healthcare and housing. Edgefield’s cost of living is 84% of the national average. However, the average cost of housing is 9% less than the national average. This means that if you live in Edgefield, South Carolina, your monthly housing costs are not more than 28% of your gross income.

Edgefield, South Carolina is also home to a variety of cultural activities. For instance, there are several museums in Edgefield, including the Edgefield Museum. Additionally, there are several colleges and universities in the area. Several of these colleges and universities offer internships, study abroad programs and other educational opportunities.

Edgefield, South Carolina is also a diverse community. Its population is made up of five major ethnic groups. The most common racial group is Black. The second most common racial group is White (Hispanic). Lastly, the third most common racial group is Other.

Edgefield, South Carolina is also located in the Augusta-Richmond County -SC Metro metro area. The metro area is ranked 242 out of 273 cities in the US. This means that the cost of living in Edgefield, South Carolina and the surrounding area is lower than the national average.

Edgefield, South Carolina Local Crime Rates

Compared to the rest of the US, Edgefield, South Carolina has a safer crime rate. In fact, the county reported the lowest violent crime rate in the state. The rate is also lower than the national average. In fact, in the last four years, the state’s property crime rate has dropped by almost seven percent.

While the crime rate is lower, Edgefield is not as safe as some other South Carolina cities. Compared to other cities with similar populations, Edgefield’s crime rate is about one-third the national average.

In South Carolina, violent crimes are a common occurrence. Violent crime includes rape, robbery, murder, and aggravated assault. In 2010, the state’s violent crime rate was nearly thirty-eight thousand.

In fact, the state’s murder rate rose by more than five percent in the last year. In fact, it has been rising since 1991. The highest murder rate in the state was recorded in Darlington. In fact, the murder rate is almost twice as high as the national average. In the safest cities, the violent crime rate is only 2.7 incidents per thousand people.

In fact, the SafeWise team released their eighth annual Safest Cities report. The report uses crime data compiled by law enforcement agencies. The report includes a comprehensive map that shows how the local crime rates compare to other cities around the country.

The crime map displays how many violent crimes occur per thousand residents in the city of Edgefield. The map also includes areas that have less crime.

The number of reported property crimes in Edgefield is also low. Property crimes include burglary and vehicle theft. In the safest cities, the rate of property crimes is less than one-third the national average.

The most common type of property crime is burglary, which accounts for sixteen percent of all property crimes. In fact, it accounts for more than one-third of all property crime nationwide.

The report also included the state’s sex offenders. There are about fifteen thousand sex offenders in South Carolina. The state also has a higher than national average rate of sexual battery. The number of reported sexual battery has steadily decreased in the past few years.

Likelihood Of Becoming A Burglary Victim

Compared to other cities in the United States, Edgefield South Carolina has a low crime rate. In fact, the crime rate has fallen by over 80% since last year.

While the crime rate in Edgefield is lower than the national average, the overall risk of becoming a victim of a crime in this city is about the same. The crime rate is derived from FBI uniform crime reports, which cover approximately 18,000 law enforcement agencies across the United States.

There are a number of property crimes, including burglary, robbery, safecracking, and vehicle theft. Most of these crimes are less serious than violent crimes, but they still have penalties.

In fact, burglary is the second most common property crime in South Carolina. This crime requires a specific intent, such as breaking into a building or dwelling without the owner’s permission. Depending on the circumstances, the crime can be charged as either a first or second degree offense.

The most common property crime in South Carolina is theft. The maximum penalty for a theft conviction is a year in jail. This may seem like a small amount of time, but it can result in exclusion from certain jobs. Depending on your criminal history, you may lose friends and family. It can also lead to a lifelong criminal record.

The SC Code of Laws defines a first degree burglary as entering a building or dwelling without the owner’s consent. A second degree burglary is a more serious offense. Whether it’s a violent or nonviolent crime depends on the circumstances surrounding the break-in.

If you’ve been charged with burglary, it’s important to know the law and what to expect from your criminal record. Your attorney can help you navigate the pitfalls of the criminal justice system and take the necessary steps to protect you from further legal trouble.

The crime rate in Edgefield is slightly lower than the statewide average. This is due in part to the fact that most crimes are committed in retail and residential areas where there are few people. The overall crime rate in Edgefield is lower than 95% of other South Carolina cities.

Things To Do

Whether you are looking for an affordable place to live or an ideal vacation destination, Edgefield, South Carolina is a place you should check out. The town is home to one of the largest historical towns in the state, and it offers a variety of things to do.

The town is known for its unique culture, as well as its history. It was home to a number of important politicians, such as Senator Strom Thurmond. The town is also famous for its pottery, which is still made by a resident potter.

The town is also home to a distillery, and it has a number of small bars and restaurants. There is also a museum and a planetarium. The museum has freight cars, a steam engine, and a domed ceiling. It is a great place to learn about the history of South Carolina.

The town is also home to the Historic Camden Revolutionary War Site, which contains a collection of historic buildings. The staff is knowledgeable and can answer questions about the town’s history. The site also features a habitat hike.

The town is also home to Carolina Moon Distillery, which produces handcrafted spirits. It also offers a range of special events and tours. It is open Tuesday through Saturday from 11am to 5pm.

Edgefield is also home to the Wild Turkey Center, which is a national headquarters for the National Wild Turkey Federation. It is also home to a number of events that promote wild turkey habitat preservation.

Edgefield County is also home to many historic sites. The Camden Museum, which is located in the town’s oldest inland town, features Colonial history. It is also home to the South Carolina Railroad Museum, which features passenger cars, freight cars, and a steam engine.

Edgefield is also home to the Old Edgefield Pottery, a famous craft dating back to the 18th century. The Phoenix Factory Old Edgefield Pottery is a continuation of the tradition.

Edgefield also has a number of eateries and shops, which can make for a great day of shopping. Many of the merchants in Edgefield hand select the products in their stores. You will also find specialty food stores, which offer tastings and cooking classes.

~ Crime statistics are from

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