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Crime in Cayce, South Carolina

24/7 Alarm Monitoring in Cayce

ADT uses the latest technology in home alarm monitoring equipment to ensure that when seconds count ADT is ready to react in providing the very best response. Whether it’s a Fire alarm, Burglar alarm, Carbon Monoxide, or even a medical alarm emergency, ADT monitoring station

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With the purchase of an ADT monitored home security system there comes the added bonus of qualifying for a homeowners insurance discount from some insurance companies and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with ADT security services. ADT provides every new ADT monitored home security system subscriber with an ADT certificate of installation which they can forward to their home insurance provider and receive up to a 20% insurance discount.

Professional Installation Cayce

ADT home security alarm systems in Cayce are always installed by SafeStreets factory-certified technicians. Every one of our technicians who install adt security systems is background checked and drug tested and clients can count on everything from home automation to ADT wireless automated technology working perfectly.

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ADT Monitoring packages from SafeStreets can include:

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Some must-know Home Security Facts

  • A burglary occurs every 10. seconds.
  • Most burglaries occur during the day.
  • 58% of burglaries involve forced entry.
  • 70% of break-ins involve entry through a door.

Source: FBI Crime Reports

Cayce, South Carolina

Whether you’re moving to Cayce, South Carolina from another city, or you’re planning to spend the next few years there, there are a number of things to consider before making the move. One of the most important considerations is the cost of living, as well as crime rates in the area.

Cost of living in Cayce, South Carolina

Located along the Congaree River, Cayce is a small city in South Carolina. It is in the Columbia MSA. It is a great place to live if you are looking for something with a small-town feel, while still having the amenities and resources of a larger city.

Cayce has a total cost of living index of 90. That is slightly higher than the national average of 100. However, the cost of living in Cayce is still relatively low when compared to the rest of the US. Cayce’s total cost of living index is 0.9x lower than the national index.

It is also worth noting that Cayce has an above-average livability score. The livability score is based on a combination of factors. It considers the cost of living, crime, education, employment, and other factors. It is calculated by weighing each of the factors.

A few of the costs that have an impact on your daily life include utilities, health care, and transportation. In Cayce, utility prices are 32% higher than the national average. In addition, Cayce has a higher than average cost of health care.

On average, one adult spends $5,143 a year on health care, which is slightly higher than the national average. On average, a family of four spends $8,850 a year on food.

Other expenses include gas, clothing, entertainment, and repairs. These costs vary depending on your location and family size. In Cayce, the average rent for a one-bedroom apartment is $1,641, while a three-bedroom apartment costs $2,476.

Cayce has a number of restaurants, parks, and bars. It is also filled with young adults in their 20s. It is one of the best places to live in South Carolina. In Cayce, a family of four will spend $35,858 a year, compared to the national average of $38,433.

Cayce is a great city to live in. In addition, it is located in a friendly state with low gas taxes, low personal income tax, and lower sales tax. Cayce is also one of the safest cities in South Carolina. It has a lower than average crime rate and a low property tax rate.

Local Crime Rates in Cayce, South Carolina

Located in Lexington County, South Carolina, Cayce, SC is a great place to live. It has a lot to offer young adults and families. It has restaurants, parks, bars and more.

The crime rates in Cayce, South Carolina are higher than the average for all of South Carolina. However, crime rates in the area are below the national average. This is the result of a combination of factors.

The rate for violent crimes in Cayce is 971 incidents per 100,000 people. This is a slight decrease from last year’s rate, but still more than the average for the state.

The rate for property crimes in Cayce is 5,658 incidents per 100,000 people. This rate is lower than the national average, but it is still higher than the average for the state. Property crimes in South Carolina have been on a downward trend for about four years.

Cayce, South Carolina has the fourth highest property crime rate in the South Atlantic region. This is mainly due to the higher number of sex offenders. Sex offenders make up approximately 15.19 percent of the population in South Carolina.

There were a total of 942 crimes reported in Cayce, South Carolina in 2019. These include violent crimes, property crimes and other types of crimes. The violent crime rate in Cayce was 1.25 times higher than the South Carolina average.

Property crimes in Cayce are slightly higher than the national average, but they are lower than the average for the state. Property crimes include robbery, burglary, vehicle theft and other types of crimes. In addition, the number of rapes reported in Cayce was lower than the national average.

The crime rates in Cayce, SC are based on FBI uniform crime reports for the year 2020. These reports include 18,000 law enforcement agencies. They provide 98% coverage of metropolitan statistical areas. The reports cover 309 million Americans.

Cayce is one of the safest cities in South Carolina. However, it is not the safest city in the U.S. This is because there are other cities with higher crime rates than Cayce.

Likelihood Of Becoming A Burglary Victim

Statistically speaking, the likelihood of becoming a burglary victim in Cayce, South Carolina is relatively small. There are about 140 crimes per year in the northeastern part of the county. In comparison, the chances of becoming a victim of a violent crime are 1 in 151. Despite Cayce’s low crime rate, it is still considered safer than many surrounding cities.

Crime is a fact of life in the United States. Approximately 64% of Americans take preventative measures to protect their property. These measures include relying on security cameras and taking proactive measures to prevent theft. In fact, the number of Americans who rely on security cameras has risen by more than 50% since 2007. The risk of becoming a victim of a burglary is also relatively low.

The best way to measure the likelihood of becoming a victim of a burglary in Cayce is to look at the crime rate for a given year. This is derived from the FBI’s uniform crime reports, which cover approximately 18,000 law enforcement agencies across the nation. This data is based on about 309 million American residents.

The Cayce crime map will give you a clear picture of what’s happening in the county on any given day. The map shows the rate of crimes per block group in a given year. The most dangerous areas are highlighted in red.

For the most part, Cayce, South Carolina is safer than its surrounding counties, but there are still some risks to be aware of. For example, in the northwest region, crime is slightly higher than elsewhere in the county.

The odds of becoming a victim of a burglary are small, but fortunately the odds of becoming a victim of a violent offense aren’t. In fact, the chance of becoming a victim of a violent incident is lower than the national average.

While the chances of becoming a victim of robbery in Cayce aren’t as high as it is in some cities, the risk of becoming a victim of theft is still relatively high. The number of theft crimes is a bit higher in the southeast than in the north.

Things To Do

Located in Lexington County, South Carolina, Cayce is a city that provides a variety of attractions. It’s perfect for individuals and families. Whether you’re interested in exploring history or just want to relax on the banks of the Congaree River, Cayce has a lot to offer.

The Cayce Riverwalk offers an ideal location for families to enjoy the natural environment. There are eight miles of paved pathways along the Congaree River. There are seating areas, picnic areas, and a peaceful environment to enjoy the beauty of the river. There are also guided walking tours along the Congaree River.

The Cayce Historical Museum is an excellent place for families to learn more about South Carolina’s history. Visitors can learn about the early European settlement and social heritage of Granby and the Midlands. There are many exhibits to explore, including a replica of a trading post from the mid-1700s. The museum also features Native American artifacts.

Cayce is also home to the Riverbanks Zoo and Botanical Gardens. This attraction is a top Southeast tourist attraction. This zoo features more than 2,000 animals. The zoo also offers workshops for adults on various topics related to zoology. The zoo is also home to exotic birds from around the world.

The Riverbanks Zoo and Botanical Gardens is a 170-acre zoo that averages one million visitors per year. It features over two thousand animals, including babirusa and exotic birds. Besides the zoo, the zoo also offers workshops for adults and children on various topics related to zoology.

Whether you’re looking for an adventurous vacation or a relaxing weekend getaway, Cayce, South Carolina has a lot to offer. There are museums, parks, festivals, and more to keep you busy. There’s even a South Carolina State Farmers Market near the University of South Carolina’s Carolina Stadium. This attraction is home to the 2011 College Baseball National Champions.

The South Carolina State Museum is located less than five minutes from Cayce. This museum features four floors of permanent exhibits and rotating displays. It is home to over 70,000 artifacts. There are also displays on science, dinosaurs, the Revolutionary War, and technology.

~ Crime statistics are from

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