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Crime in Camden, South Carolina

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ADT uses the latest technology in home alarm monitoring equipment to ensure that when seconds count ADT is ready to react in providing the very best response. Whether it’s a Fire alarm, Burglar alarm, Carbon Monoxide, or even a medical alarm emergency, ADT monitoring station

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With the purchase of an ADT monitored home security system there comes the added bonus of qualifying for a homeowners insurance discount from some insurance companies and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with ADT security services. ADT provides every new ADT monitored home security system subscriber with an ADT certificate of installation which they can forward to their home insurance provider and receive up to a 20% insurance discount.

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ADT home security alarm systems in Camden are always installed by SafeStreets factory-certified technicians. Every one of our technicians who install adt security systems is background checked and drug tested and clients can count on everything from home automation to ADT wireless automated technology working perfectly.

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Some must-know Home Security Facts

  • A burglary occurs every 10. seconds.
  • Most burglaries occur during the day.
  • 58% of burglaries involve forced entry.
  • 70% of break-ins involve entry through a door.

Source: FBI Crime Reports

Cost Of Living And Crime In Camden South Carolina

Whether you’re moving to Camden South Carolina or planning to stay, you’ll need to know the cost of living and crime rates in the area before you decide to make the move. While the crime rates are low, the cost of living can be quite high. Below are some tips to help you decide whether or not you’ll be able to afford to live in Camden, South Carolina.

Aggravated assault is the most common violent crime in Camden

Across the United States, aggravated assault is by far the most common violent crime. It differs from simple assault in that a person must have caused serious bodily harm to another person. The severity of the injury depends on the weapon used.

In South Carolina, the aggravated assault rate is more than four times higher than the national average. In fact, South Carolina is the sixth worst state for violent crimes, with a rate of 362.8 incidents per 100,000 people.

The violent crime rate has decreased over the years, but it still stands at 381 incidents per 100,000 people. One reason for the decrease is the increased incarceration rate. Another is improved economic conditions. However, the rate remains higher than the national average.

In South Carolina, violent crimes account for nearly 18 percent of all reported offenses. Property crime is also high, with 85 percent of all offenses being property crimes.

The robbery rate is low, 82 per 100,000 people, but it is still a bit higher than the national average. The rate for rape is also high, at 55 per 100,000 people.

Property crimes are also higher in Camden than the national average, with 82% of all offenses being property crimes. The crime rate for aggravated assault is also higher than the national average, with 73 incidents per 100,000 people.

Property values in Camden are above average

Located in central South Carolina, Camden is a town with a long history and a large demographic. It is the state’s oldest inland city and the site of a significant Revolutionary War battle. It is also home to the state’s largest university, the University of South Carolina-Columbia.

The city is home to several colleges and universities, including the University of South Carolina-Columbia, York Technical College, and Benedict College. As of the 2010 census, the city’s population was 7,288. The average age of a Camden resident is 45 years old. There are a number of reasons why Camden makes for a great place to live.

It is home to a number of well-preserved antebellum homes, which are a testament to the city’s heritage. The city also has a large number of artists. Many of these artists help shape the character of the city. It is no surprise that the city has more artists per capita than most.

A recent study by the South Carolina Realtors found that the state’s housing market was on track for another year of growth. The number of homes for sale dropped by 3.9%, but closed sales increased by 4%. The number of new listings increased by 4% as well.

Rent is not as affordable as buying a house

Despite its storied past and thriving present, Camden, South Carolina does not come cheap. A cursory survey of local real estate agents will reveal that the median rental is $161 a month, well below the state average of $1,200. While it’s true that many of the area’s more affluent residents can afford the high-end real estate that abounds, there are still plenty of working-class families looking for a better deal.

A recent report by ATTOM Data Solutions surveyed 915 counties in the United States. It analyzed the most relevant and statistically significant measures of the housing market to produce its 2021 Rental Affordability report. The most impressive result was that rents actually fell in more than half of the counties studied. In particular, the cost of renting a median-priced three-bedroom unit declined from $165,922 in 2020 to $135,578 in 2021.

For a city of just over 7,000 residents, the average cost of a single-family home is a pittance. Fortunately, the price of a mortgage is backed up by historically low interest rates. For example, the average mortgage rate in Camden was 2.8% in the first half of 2018, down from 2.9% in 2011. These rates have helped mitigate the housing boom of a few years ago.

Violent crime accounts for a relatively small share of crimes in Camden

Despite South Carolina’s low crime rate, the state’s violent crime rate is on the rise. This is due to the increasing use of firearms in homicides and the increase in non-fatal shootings.

In the past two years, the amount of gun homicides has increased by nearly 30%, while the number of non-fatal shooting victims has increased by over 53%. The increase in gun homicides reversed a two-decade trend that saw homicides decline.

While the crime rate in Camden, South Carolina is lower than the average for other cities, its violent crime rate is still higher than the average for all of South Carolina. In fact, it is nearly twice as high as the average for the state.

The most common violent crime in the United States is aggravated assault. Aggravated assault requires serious bodily injury, while simple assault does not. The number of reported aggravated assaults in South Carolina was the seventh highest in the country.

Property crimes account for a large portion of all crimes in Camden. Burglaries and larceny/theft account for more than one-fifth of all property crimes.

A report from the Giffords Law Center notes that police-community trust is critical to the reduction of crime. A lack of trust between police and residents can lead to cycles of violence. In addition, retaliatory violence can also fuel a vicious cycle.

91.2% of the population has health coverage

91.2% of the population in Camden South Carolina has health coverage. This statistic is based on Census Bureau data released in March of 2022. This number compares favorably with other geographies. This figure is not a precise count, because it does not account for the number of multilingual households. However, this is a decent estimate, considering that there are more than four thousand households in Camden.

The best way to measure the number of people who have coverage is by comparing the percentage of people with coverage to the number of people who have not. The Census Bureau uses a set of money income thresholds for different family sizes. The median household income in Camden, SC was $49,059 in 2020. This is an impressive number, as it is more than half of the median household income in the United States.

Aside from health coverage, the other most important item is the amount of money that people in Camden, SC have to spend each month. This number is based on Census Bureau data, which includes median household income, median property value, and median household size. The largest share of households in Camden, SC is made up of households with two cars.

Burglaries are less common in the safest cities

Whether you are moving to Camden, South Carolina or considering a move to another city, it is important to understand crime statistics in your area. Being aware of crime rates in your community will help keep you and your family safe.

The FBI has released its annual Uniform Crime Report, which includes rape, robbery, murder and other crime statistics. In South Carolina, the rate of violent crime is higher than most states, with a rate of 579 offenses per 100,000 people. It is also the sixth-highest rate of violent crime in the entire South Atlantic region.

Violent crimes in South Carolina include aggravated assault, robbery and murder. The crime rate in Camden is higher than the average in the state. However, crime is less common in the state’s safest cities.

The FBI found that robberies and burglaries are less common in the safest cities. The rate of property crime in South Carolina is lower than the national average, but the rate of violent crime is higher.

According to the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report, property crime in South Carolina was lower in 2018 than it was in the previous year, but the rate of violent crime was higher. It is not surprising that the state has the fifth-highest property crime rate in the South Atlantic region.

Races and ethnicities in Camden

During the American Civil War, Camden was the birthplace of six Confederate generals. The city has a rich history with numerous exhibits. Visitors can walk through the camps of combatants and see demonstrations of Colonial crafts. It is also home to the Revolutionary War Visitor Center. These exhibits focus on the importance of Camden as a strategic garrison during the Southern Campaign.

During the first decade of the twentieth century, Camden was the winter residence of wealthy Northerners. It was also a place where soldiers and civilians lived, and was the site of the Orlon Plant. The largest industries in Camden are Education Services, Manufacturing, and Health Care & Social Assistance.

In the last decade, the population of Camden has grown 18.1%. The average household income of Camden is $49,059 in 2020. The median household income of the United States is $64,994. In Camden, SC, the median household income was $47,711 in 2019.

The population of Camden, SC, is 2.44% higher than it was at the time of the most recent census. The median age of the population is 45. The largest race in Camden is White (Hispanic). The next largest race is Native Hawaiian & Other Pacific Islander (Non-Hispanic).

The next largest groups are Black or African American (Non-Hispanic), Hispanic, and Foreign-born residents. Foreign-born residents have a median age of 43.

~ Crime statistics are from

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