ADT Realtor Referral Program

Earn $250 just for sending us a new client! That’s right, we’ll send you $250 CASH, (not some gift-card) when your client activates a new monitored home security system with SafeStreets USA & ADT Security Company. *Paid by Blue Ray Ventures Inc. an Authorized SafeStreets ADT affiliate. Your Client will receive a FREE security system (up to $1200), a $100 Visa Gift card, and a FREE Doorbell Camera.

Realtor Referral Program for ADT Security

We pay you $250 CASH when you refer a new activation

Hi, my name is Robert Miller, and I have been an ADT SafeStreets Affiliate for 6 years now. I am also a Real Estate Agent too. When you send me a lead and they purchase an ADT monitored security system I will pay you directly (not a gift card) cash into your Zelle account, or mail you a check to your home or office in YOUR name. I have paid more than $15000 in Realtor referrals just this year and growing every week. I would love you to add you to my circle of agents that share your client’s info with me to get them set up in what I personally believe to be the best security system available. All the while putting $250 into your pocket just for filling out the form on this page. Feel free to email me with any questions or just simply fill out the form on this page with your client’s info and any comment you want to add and let’s make your clients happy and make some money doing it. *Please have your client’s permission before sending me their information and request for a call to them.

Just use the form on this page to fill in your client’s information. And along with that, you will need to add your full name, Email, and the State you hold a Real-Estate License in. Then when your client signs up and has a new ADT Security System installed, we’ll send you $250 just for the referral. The referral is paid directly to you from Blue Ray Ventures. An Authorized ADT Affiliate of SafeStreets USA. We send a check directly to you that you can cash instantly, or we can send you money using Zelle or a check mailed to your home or office. You can sign up for a free Zelle account at their website, just Google “Zelle”

If you have any questions or concerns please email me at, *Do NOT call ordering line. This offer is made by Blue Ray Ventures Inc. We will contact you if you shoot us an email. If you need to speak with someone just send us your phone number.

ADT home security systems & alarm security for homes

*DO NOT CALL Order Line

ADT Monitored Home Security System

Our Installation and Customer Care Team is one of the finest in the country. One of the main reasons we have such amazing customer reviews is because of the quality of the installations we provide. Our Installation Team has many years of experience and we are industry leaders in installing ADT Pulse cameras and home automation. Our Customer Care Team will follow up with each of your clients after their installation to ensure they are 100% happy and find out if they have any remaining needs.

ADT has the finest home security monitoring network in America and protects over 7 million customers. ADT is the brand Americans have trusted for over 140 years and we have a mission to provide uncompromising security. ADT is leading the industry in providing security systems that connect with mobile devices for remote home security. We also offer video monitoring and home automation with ADT Pulse. Their are now over 1 million customers being monitored by an ADT Pulse Security System.

*Important notice: If homeowner’s credit (beacon score) is below 600 we cannot pay a referral fee. Although Safestreets may decide to install a security system and do inhouse financing.

Does ADT have a Realtor referral program?

$250 adt realtor referral cash

Yes, earn $250 just for sending us a new client! That's right, we'll send you $250 CASH when your client activates a new monitored home security system with SafeStreets USA & ADT Security Company. *Paid by Blue Ray Ventures Inc. an Authorized ADT affiliate.

Does ADT have a partner program for real estate agents?

$250 adt realtor referral cash

Yes, you will earn $250 cash just for sending us a lead that turns into a new client! Make sure to have your client's permission and, we'll send you $250 CASH within 10 days after your client activates a newly monitored home security system with SafeStreets USA & ADT Security Company. *Paid by Blue Ray Ventures. an Authorized ADT affiliate.