Is ADT Better than Brinks?

Both ADT and Brinks have carved out an impressive reputation in the security services market. Being the pioneers of introducing innovative products in the privacy protection and security industry, they both have a broad customer base in America.

As per a survey on Crime frequency in the United States by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, there occurred over 1.4 million thefts in 2017, which means the estimated robbery rate is 98 per 1,00,000 residents.

This makes security inside your home, a big concern. You want to be wholly diligent and ensure no compromise when the safety of your family and home is at stake. ADT and Brinks, with its wide range of security solutions, aim to secure your dear homes from all threats.

Introducing the Two Contenders

ADT Security Services

ADT has been in existence since the year 1874. It has been in existence for more than 140 years and stands as the oldest alarm systems manufacturing company in the United States. It is currently the largest security company in the USA. ADT or the American District Telegraph specializes in Home and Business Security systems. It provides round the clock alarm monitoring services throughout the year.


With a presence in over 100 countries and an experience of more than 100 years, Brinks has emerged as a leading private security and protection systems company in the world. It has added to the reputation of the brand that stands today as Brink’s Home security. The current company was formed after the merger of the two well-known security companies, MONI and LiveWatch. The Brink Home Security aims at providing advanced residential security products. With the main focus on home security systems, It has emerged as a great brand in the market in a span of just a few years.


In the home security segment, we have appraised the two contenders based on these aspects.


The contract should lead to a win-win situation where the customers as well as the company gain. It is necessary to properly review the terms of the contract with the seller before you make your buying decision.

ADT offers a fixed three-year contract for all types of subscriptions. ADT is considered to be the most widely used and trusted brand in home security monitoring system. It has four different types of packages from the basic to the most high-end system.

Brink home security also locks you in for a three-year contract across all its subscription plans. It has developed three plans to select from along with a Nest secure package.


It is important to know the details of each plan to understand the different facilities provided to the customer. Information about the cost of each program is also necessary to select the best plan as per your budget.



The simple plan comes with two options- one with cellular backup and another without cellular backup.

The basic plan comes with:

  • Three doors and window sensors
  • High decibel alarm
  • A digital keypad
  • A wireless keychain remote

Without cellular backup, the plan costs $27.99 per month and with a cellular backup $49 per month.


This plan offers you the following abilities

  • Facilities the ADT Basic Plan with Cellular backup Plus
  • Home Automation
  • ADT Pulse App Connectivity

With the app, you have the advantage of connecting to your security system from wherever you want. You can switch on or switch off the systems or get instant updates. It is available for $52.99 per month.


The ADT Pulse video comes with all the features offered in ADT PULSE SELECT Plan along with video surveillance. It includes an indoor surveillance camera to view everything. Using the ADT Pulse app, you can see the live streaming of the place the camera is installed.


ADT also offers plans which include all the above facilities with full home automation and complete video surveillance. The plan costs differ as per the customization level. ADT also provides packages in collaboration with third-party suppliers like Safe street. These suppliers also provide various plans at different rates.



The Brinks smart essential Plan has the following features

  • Two Wireless door sensors
  • Brinks home Touch Screen Control Panel
  • Wireless motion sensor

This plan has the benefits of the

  • Home automation
  • Cellular backup
  • Operation via Smartphone
  • Tamper Protection

This plan costs you $199 upfront along with $29 per month for monitoring.


This plan provides all the amenities included in the Security Essential plan plus a video surveillance camera.

You can avail

  • Three doors sensors
  • Two wireless motion sensors

An HD indoor video camera with night vision capability

  • Live Video Footage on Smartphone

You can get this plan for either monthly installments of $13.86 or an instant payment of $499, with $39 per month as service charges for monitoring.


The most superior plan by Brink, it includes

All the benefits available in the Security Complete plan coupled with

  • An Outdoor camera
  • A Skybell Slimline Video Doorbell

The ultimate security for your home will cost you $1099 as an upfront payment or $30.53 per month. The monthly monitoring service fee is $39.


The Brinks has also made its system compatible with Google’s NEST Security. This plan comes with the NEST GUARD, NEST DETECT AND NEST TAG, which includes an alarm, a keypad, door and window motion sensor, a key chain controller. You will also get Yard Sign and Stickers.

The system is available at a price of $399 or also with an installment facility of $11 per month.


The warranty and Guarantee Policy offered by various companies is another decisive factor in understanding the company’s service quality.

ADT Home Security Monitoring

The best thing about ADT is it offers a 6 month cancellation period. You can use it during this term, and if there are any defects, they provide an option to cancel the subscription within the given period. You will get a full refund of the payment made. Don’t forget to check the terms and conditions for the return.

ADT gives a limited 90 days warranty for its security systems. You need to pay about $25 to fix any problem if it occurs during the given warranty period.

There is an extended limited warranty scheme where you can avail benefits of a Quality Service Plan after paying $7 per month.


Brink has a limited 30 days return period. If there are any problems with the device, you can return it and get a full refund.

Brink also offers a 2-years complete warranty on its products. If you want a lifetime coverage you need to can avail the benefit by paying $49.

4. Installation

The customers look for hassle-free, easy installation services in every product. Installation needs can be a significant factor considered by customers for forming their ultimate opinion about a brand.


To put up an ADT security system inside your house, you need professional service. The professionals assess your home completely and spot out the weak zones too. You need to pay an installation fee, which varies from $99 to $199. Although you do not have the DIY option with ADT security packages, you are ensured that your precious home is in the hands of experts.

Also, the security systems are not wireless; the installation will involve drilling your walls and doors. It takes about 30 minutes to install the equipment at your home.


Brinks provides easy to install DIY (Do-it-Yourself) benefits for its security systems. The equipment is entirely wireless, which means you do not need to worry about drilling and repairing your home space. You can avail of the Brinks Pro Install Services, but the minimum fee is $199.

5. Customers experience

A fundamental criterion for judging any brand is how much the customers in the market, value the product.


ADT offers some fine quality services to cater to their customer’s needs. They offer a free consultation where he gets to understand your needs and the location of your house, and accordingly, you can take the plan which best meets your safety requirements. ADT offers more traditional customer services.

ADT has a nationwide monitoring facility with monitoring locations at six different places. If you need to relocate your house, the excellent connectivity allows the system to be transferred conveniently.

You can contact their customer hotline in case of any queries. ADT also offers more customization options in their plans for catering security needs of people with smaller homes to bigger homes.

In case of emergency, you can avail connectivity via Cellular connections, Wi-Fi, and Landline.

ADT is ranked second in 2018 in the criteria of Customer Satisfaction with Home Security Systems by J.D. Power. It has an A+ rating with BBB.


Brinks Home Security has been ranked first in the Customer Satisfaction survey by J.D. Power with an A+ rating by BBB. This, without doubt, speaks about its excellent quality customer services. They have a dedicated team for customer support who offer phone support as well as contact via their website’s ticketing system.

The company also has set up an extensive community for its customers where they can contact to discuss and find solutions to problems faced in their systems. You get 24X7 security support and instant help in case of an emergency. You can contact Emergency support via Wi-Fi or Cellular Service. No need for Landline.

As the security systems have the DIY option, customers do not have to call for special personnel and pay their high fees.


These features give a competitive edge to the two companies and help to analyze what makes them the best brands in this segment.


Some of the eminent features found in the security systems provided by this brand include

  • Fire protection
  • Pet-friendly Motion Sensors
  • Video doorbell with two-side communication
  • Carbon dioxide monitoring
  • Flood/Water Protection


The unique features that make Brink Home Security’s products stand out from the rest are as follows

  • Completely Wireless equipment setup
  • Integration with Nest Security
  • Great Remote Operation




ADT and Brinks, both the companies offer these facilities under their security plans

  • They both have a contract duration of at least three years
  • Each of them has a money-back guarantee (Term differs)
  • Smartphone connectivity using applications is provided by both these companies
  • Both offer cellular and Wi-Fi connectivity


There are some features that are unique to only one of the two competitors. They include:

  • ADT offers medical pendants while Brinks system does not offer this facility
  • Brinks Home Security provides DIY installation in its security systems
  • ADT systems can be installed only with the assistance of professionals
  • Brinks has a 30 days return policy for a complete refund
  • ADT has a 6-month money back policy.
  • Brinks Home Security provides its products at cheaper rates than ADT.



Both ADT and Brinks Home Security provide high-quality security systems for our homes. They use state-of-the-art technology for all their products and ensure excellent customer service.

While Brinks offers more budget-friendly security packages along with the DIY ability, ADT’s technology and quality standard remain at the top. Each of them has some pros and cons.

However, we know there can be just one winner who stands out from the rest.

If we consider the brand standing, the customization options available, and the overall quality of the products, ADT seems to have the edge over Brinks Security Systems. ADT offers a wider range of plans to suit the needs of different households as compared to the plans offered by Brinks. ADT has an impressive customer base of over 6 million, and they vouch for the quality of security that ADT assures. There is no denying the fact that ADT has the strongest brand image in the home security services niche.

So if you are looking for a more reasonable and easy-to-install security system, Brinks’s products will suit you. But, if you are ready to spend a bit more and want the highest level of reliability for your home’s security, ADT should be your choice.